THE PROGRAM. On luxury and helplessness

THE PROGRAM. On luxury and helplessness

On luxury and helplessness   „The program“ – the first ever solo performance in GI theatre history. The role will be performed by the actor and establisher of the GI theatre – Gytis Ivanauskas. The Thirteenth is one man‘s confession, the story about the dual personality, inner fights and the burden of one‘s self.   To strip away everything – luxury jewellery, costumes, make up, social facade – the price you have to pay to get back to your true self. This is the only way person can choose to … read more…



A performance full of joy, light and sentimental moments   “BollyWood” is a dance performance that unites the elements of both modern and Indian dance. It is an interpretation of bollywood – a synthesis of classical art of acting and modern dance. It is exactly this combination that takes a breath away.   “BollyWood” creates an allusion to Bollywood movies that are full of joy, light, and sometimes – tears. However, the author of this performance, as if having read people’s thoughts, says: “We will distance ourselves from India, its … read more…

Tango Salon

Tango Salon

„Tango Salon“ is the most recent work of the theatre artist Gytis Ivanauskas, a new improvisation, another attempt to “save” the world – this time by woman’s beauty and passionate Argentinian tango.


The creators promise excellent fountain views and fancy tango dance combinations. „A Woman wants to „save the world“ with her beauty. A man wants to conquer it. In „Tango Saloon“ women will reveal the secret of beauty, mastered Argentinian dance that heats up men’s blood. „To come and enjoy is a must“ read more…

Ambient play Halloween Phobias


A fairy tale becoming a nightmare


“Halloween Phobias” premiered on the threshold of Halloween night. This ambient play was presented for the first time at the “Art Factory LOFTAS” where was merged into a fairy-tale like Halloween party afterwards.


The play takes place in a uniquely designed and constructed stage with a multi-layered structures. The costumes and scenography are made by the designer Robertas Kalinkinas. read more…

Performance "Marko (Kavoliai cabaret)"

Marko (Kavoli Cabaret)

The play created by the actors


“Marko (Kavoli Cabaret)” is the first purely drama play of Gytis Ivanauskas, who is well known for the dance performances. In this play four members of theatrical family are facing big changes, each of them has to make critical decisions.


Fateful evening and next morning. To flee for the better future, or to stay where your roots are? Is it possible read more…

Dance performance "The Birds"

The Birds

The synthesis of emotions, plastic, live music and costumes


Chamber dance performance “The Birds”, which is based on Contemporary Ballet motifs, is a new project of Gytis Ivanauskas Theatre. Modern costumes created by Tomas Bagackas visually correspond with stereotypic look of birds: friableness of feathers, multicolour scale of tones, and feeling of freedom. The performance author, choreographer read more…

Gyčio Ivanausko teatro spektaklis "Dialogai"


The story based on pure accidents, emotions and stylized body language   A seemingly simple, ordinary meeting with a friend for cup of coffee may finish normally, tragically, violently, silly, hopelessly, sadly or even comically. Usually we do not think what had this meeting ended differently, something unexpected would happen. The story based on pure accidents, emotions, stylized body language and contemporary dance – all this is in Gytis Ivanauskas Theatre play “Dialogues”. The body language of the dance will express not only love and hate, but also a female … read more…

Gytis Ivanauskas theatre's play "Premiere"


What is left when everything ends?   “Premiere” is a contemporary performance art creation that tries to take remains, leftovers and traces of a particular action as a frame for a theatre act, as a starting point for researching the theatre as a medium. We approach the issue of theatre action from the point of observing what is left from a certain experience, what does body remember from the act that finished before this performance started. We are looking at both visible and invisible signs left of what is lost. … read more…

Muzikos, šokio ir video instaliacijų spektaklis "Raudonos kurpaitės"

The Red Shoes

Too unreal to be made up


In this installation project of music-dance-video – one part dance performance „The red shoes“ actors are looking individual access to their role. They create homicidal characters, which experience both naive puerility and brutal cruelty. „ It is an interpretation, of bright, white and very feminine fairy-tale, the horrible ending of which is relevant to any of us”, – this is how Gytis Ivanauskas, the director, choreographer and actor of this show, presents it. read more…

Šokio spektaklis "Atgyjantys kūnai"

Reviving Bodies

St. Catherine’s church is waking up for the story of love


Gytis Ivanauskas Theatre actors are waking up St. Catherine’s Church for story of love. At one of the most beautiful Baroque monuments in Capital, you will see adaptation of the play “Men in white skirts” called “Reviving Bodies”.


Surrounded by rich decorations, suddenly greeted by Michael Gallasso music, one by one sculptures in the altar are reviving and walking down the stage to tell their story by dance. They are “speaking” about search and pursuit of love read more…

Gyčio Ivanausko teatro spektaklis "8 kvadratiniai metrai"

8 Square Meters

Dancing tango to survive


8 square meters is the symbolic space of “madmen”, where everyone lives in his imaginary world, speaks the language only he understands, hears the sounds familiar only to his ears only.


Six people of different fate are living in their own micro worlds. They are locked in the 8 square meters cell, with cold metal floor. They all share a single desire and passion – to dance. The only way to survive in this mad world is to dance tango.

read more…

Gyčio Ivanausko teatro spektaklis "Aš tave labai myliu"

I Love You So Much

The performance “I love you so much” is like a manifesto of a child conveyed through the lips of a grown- ups. The performance is full of symbols and daily life paradoxes. Here what is private becomes public, what is feminine becomes masculine, and maturity becomes childish innocence. read more…

Gyčio Ivanausko teatro spektaklis "Vyrai baltais sijonais"

Men In White Skirts

This is the second dance performance of the young Gytis Ivanauskas theatre. Choreographer Gytis Ivanauskas together with his companions from the previous show „Hallmark“ – actors/dancers Edita Užaitė, Brigita Urbietytė, Evaldas Taujanskis as well as Eimutis Kvosčiauskas are breaking the stereotype of what is really “feminine” and “masculine”. read more…

Šokio spektaklis "Praba"


I want to have your eyes,

to be sweet to you,

to dance like you.

To caress myself with your eyes.



“Hallmark” – is a fun story about a half-spider half-human, half-squirrel half-human, their hidden sides and real faces. Four dancers tell a story about a person’s desire to be better, about human nature and masks, which we use to hide ourselves behind when the situation gets uncomfortable. read more…