Performance "Marko (Kavoliai cabaret)"

Marko (Kavoli Cabaret)

The play created by the actors


“Marko (Kavoli Cabaret)” is the first purely drama play of Gytis Ivanauskas, who is well known for the dance performances. In this play four members of theatrical family are facing big changes, each of them has to make critical decisions.


Fateful evening and next morning. To flee for the better future, or to stay where your roots are? Is it possible read more…

Šokio spektaklis "Atgyjantys kūnai"

Reviving Bodies

St. Catherine’s church is waking up for the story of love


Gytis Ivanauskas Theatre actors are waking up St. Catherine’s Church for story of love. At one of the most beautiful Baroque monuments in Capital, you will see adaptation of the play “Men in white skirts” called “Reviving Bodies”.


Surrounded by rich decorations, suddenly greeted by Michael Gallasso music, one by one sculptures in the altar are reviving and walking down the stage to tell their story by dance. They are “speaking” about search and pursuit of love read more…