Ambient play Halloween Phobias


A fairy tale becoming a nightmare


“Halloween Phobias” premiered on the threshold of Halloween night. This ambient play was presented for the first time at the “Art Factory LOFTAS” where was merged into a fairy-tale like Halloween party afterwards.


The play takes place in a uniquely designed and constructed stage with a multi-layered structures. The costumes and scenography are made by the designer Robertas Kalinkinas. read more…

Performance "Marko (Kavoliai cabaret)"

Marko (Kavoli Cabaret)

The play created by the actors


“Marko (Kavoli Cabaret)” is the first purely drama play of Gytis Ivanauskas, who is well known for the dance performances. In this play four members of theatrical family are facing big changes, each of them has to make critical decisions.


Fateful evening and next morning. To flee for the better future, or to stay where your roots are? Is it possible read more…

Performance "Marko (Kavoliai cabaret)"

Gytis Ivanauskas will communicate to spectators not only through dance

Artėjant naujam kūrybiniam sezonui Gyčio Ivanausko teatras pasiruošęs ir vėl nustebinti savo žiūrovus. Be to, kad spalį bus rodoma didelio žiūrovų susidomėjimo sulaukusi pasaka suaugusiems „Raudonos kurpaitės“, lapkritį laukia premjera – „MARKO (Kavolių kabaretas)“ – pirmasis ne šokio spektaklis GIT istorijoje.


Gyčio Ivanausko teatro naujasis sezonas prasidės Vilniuje, Menų spaustuvėje spektakliu „Raudonos kurpaitėsread more…

Actress, dancer Judita Zareckaite

Judita Zareckaitė

Was born in 1978, December 22, acting skills studied at Lithuanian Academy of Music, at Jonas Vaitkus course. Started acting in 2001, at young director Agnius Jankevicius performances.   Theatre 2009 Dancer, “Royal Passion” Julija Zileniene costume dance performance, choreogr. G. Ivanauskas; 2008 Kristina, “Ladies night”, director A. Jakubik, Domino Theatre; 2008 Girl, “Red Shoes”, choreogr. G. Ivanauskas, Gytis Ivanauskas Theatre; 2008 Herma, “Moon does not care about Barking Dogs”, choreogr. Aira Nagineviciute, Arts Printing House; 2008 Ant, “Spiders Weddings”, director. N. Cereskiene, JSC „Seven Live“; 2007 Aiste, K. Sabolius, … read more…