Aktorius, šokėjas Naglis Bierancas

Naglis Bierancas

Was born in 1987, 30th of August in Visaginas. In 2007 has finished National M.K.Ciurlionis art gymnasium and became ballet artist. (teachers M.Kirsiene and D.Kirsys).     Dance & Theatre 2011., Dancer “Feelings”, choreogr. Jurijus Smoriginas, Vilnius Ballet. 2010., Dancer “The Birds” choreogr. Gytis Ivanauskas, Gytis Ivanauskas Theatre; 2010., Oralndo Fashion performance “Oralndo”, choreogr. Gytis Ivanauskas; 2010., Dancer “Notre Dame de Paris” musical, Domino Theatre; 2010., Dancer “Carmen” opera, National Opera and Ballet Theatre; 2010., Dancer “Figaro Wedding” opera, National Opera and Ballet Theatre; 2009., Dancer “Premiere”, choreogr. S. Tropp … read more…

Actress and dancer Irina Nazarenko

Irina Nazarenko

Was born on 05 January 1982 in Minsk, Belarus. 1990 – 1999 the Belarusian state choreographic ensemble “Khoroshki” dance studio, ballet dancers speciality. Since 2007 living in Lithuania. Dancing in choreographers S. Kirdeikis, J. Smoriginas, Baltic Ballet Group projects.     Theatre 2011 Dancer, “The Birds”, choreogr. G. Ivanauskas, Gytis Ivanauskas Theatre; 2010 Dancer, “Depeche mode: Another World”, choreogr. M. S. Simulynaite, Baltic Ballet Group; 2010 Dancer, “Reviving Bodies”, choreogr. G. Ivanauskas, Gytis Ivanauskas Theatre.     TV Projects 2010 Finalist of TV project “So you think you can dance” … read more…

Gyčio Ivanausko teatro spektaklis "Aš tave labai myliu"

VšĮ „Gyčio Ivanausko teatras“ šių metų kovo mėnesį skelbia akciją!

VšĮ „Gyčio Ivanausko teatras“, atsižvelgdamas į ypatingą dvasinio tobulėjimo ir kultūrinio gyvenimo poreikį sunkmečio laikotarpiu, šių metų kovo mėnesį skelbia akciją – paramą vaikams ir suaugusiems, esantiems vaikų ir suaugusiųjų globos namuose bei kituose socialiniuose centruose, suteikdamas galimybę nemokamai apsilankyti šiuose spektakliuose: read more…

Šokio spektaklis "Atgyjantys kūnai"

Reviving Bodies

St. Catherine’s church is waking up for the story of love


Gytis Ivanauskas Theatre actors are waking up St. Catherine’s Church for story of love. At one of the most beautiful Baroque monuments in Capital, you will see adaptation of the play “Men in white skirts” called “Reviving Bodies”.


Surrounded by rich decorations, suddenly greeted by Michael Gallasso music, one by one sculptures in the altar are reviving and walking down the stage to tell their story by dance. They are “speaking” about search and pursuit of love read more…